Our Recycling Approach is Easy!

Easy E Recycle (EER), offers a complete electronics recycling solution, and complies with all Federal, State, and Local regulations. We provide an array of services including On-Site Data Destruction, and End-of-Life Electronics Disposal Management. EER owns and operates a large electronics processing facility in White Hall, MD and provides recycling services in DC, DE, MD, NJ, PA, VA, and surrounding states.

Recycling of electronics and IT equipment is an essential part our company’s waste management strategy. Our Secure Electronics Recycling program brings value and a piece of mind to our clients.

If you are looking for a safe and secure way of electronics recycling, then you should consider our services. We specialize in ethical disposal and reprocessing of used and obsolete electronics and computer equipment. We can help accomplish legal and conservation goals as a responsible organization.

Compliant Recycling, Data Security, Information Privacy, and Environmental Protection must all be addressed to safeguard an organization’s reputation and prevent costly fines. Every organization is responsible to adhere to both federal and state laws regarding Data Security, Information Privacy, and Environmental Protection. Failure to do so may result in costly fines.

Using EER for IT and Electronics Asset Disposal safeguards our clients from all such scenarios.

We are one of the largest fully integrated IT and Electronics Asset Disposal service providers in the United States, but have the smallest downstream footprint of any competitor. What does this mean to you? EER is able to process both data-bearing and non-data bearing assets your organization has, while ensuring data destruction and reducing the environmental impact.